About Us

NST Concrete Surface Solutions has over 25 years of experience in the concrete restoration, resurfacing and repair industry. We have been involved in projects ranging from small scale to mitigating and overlaying over 600,000 sf. on a single project. Our goal is perfection…

We are available to provide you with a comprehensive estimate for your project in a timely and professional manner. We have crews available from Florida to Virginia and in between.

Let us provide you with a foundation you can stand on…Concrete Surface Solutions from NST. We know what works!

Our Mission

Be the leading provider to Flooring, Painting and Concrete contractors of knowledge, execution and risk management in the substrate preparation and coatings industry.

Message from Our CEO

Dwayne Lewis

Our passion is to serve, by providing guidance and execution that delivers the required solution to your customer.

In essence we are in the specialized people business focused on the substrate be that the concrete floor , the celling or the completed wall.

I understand that the work we do is not necessarily the work that you want to do but you are requested to do it.

The world of construction is changing: yesterday’s GC is now a CM and yesterdays Prime Contractors are now being asked take on the role of a GC in a sense. Those who embrace this concept will prosper greatly. In order to manage this growth opportunity we believe that strategic partnerships like the one we aspire to create with you are not only necessary but are beneficial to all involved.

It would be an honor to me for NST to be considered a partner that converts this complexity into a growth opportunity for your organization. We achieve this not only by delivering your expectation on the job site, we also try and engage with your salesforce to educate how to promote substrate applications as an addition to your companies product portfolio.

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