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Mount Pleasant floor removal and glue removal

Demo, Floor Removal,
Glue Removal

It starts with floor removal. Coverings such as carpet, tile or hardwoods are taken off and properly disposed of.  NST has the tools and skills to support any size Mount Pleasant industrial floor removal project.  Our equipment protects concrete floors from damage while making fast work of removing glue, mastics and thin set materials which were used during installation.

Mount Pleasant floor removal and concrete surface prep

Concrete Grinding & Coating Removal

Commercial and Industrial facilities are resident to a range of concrete floor finishes, including Epoxy, Coatings, Urethane Cement, Etc.. NST has the equipment and talent for Mount Pleasant floor removal, grinding and removal of  previous coatings. Mount Pleasant floor prep for any size facility can be quickly and easily met.

concrete surface prep

Concrete Surface Prep

Every manufacturer of commercial concrete floor finishing materials provides specific instructions as to the proper installation of their products.  Once flooring is removed, Mount Pleasant Surface Prep professionals are keen to follow these procedures. NST contractors are experts in shotblasting, scarifying and other means of cleaning and preparing Mount Pleasant industrial concrete surfaces.

Concrete surface prep cleaning with auto scrubber

Concrete Floor Cleaning and Refinishing

Many times, NST is called into either an existing facility or a refurbishment where petroleum, cooking fats, grease, sewage or other contaminants have contaminated the floor. NST refinishing systems eliminate these issues, restoring the slab to a useable condition..

Mount Pleasant Floor Removal, Self Leveling Floor Underlayment

Floor Leveling

Placing tile or hardwoods over concrete floors requires a very flat surface.  Often, the floor is not flat and requires additional work to self level these areas. Mount Pleasant industrial surface prep pros have installed over 20 million square feet of underlayments…we are capable of placing any size project.

Mount Pleasant sweating concrete floors

Moisture Mitigation and Sweating Slab Syndrome

Moisture in concrete is not necessarily a bad thing as concrete can take up 50 years to fully cure. Rising moisture vapor, however, is a frequent concern.  When it exists, it must be addressed or subsequent floor coverings will fail.  NST has completed many moisture mitigation installations utilizing the most well known products in the industry.

concrete sealing

Concrete Sealing and Dustproofing

The goal of the Mount Pleasant industrial facility community is to manage clean facilities.  Clean facilities run better and are safer for employees. Dust is public enemy #1 when it comes to large open span areas. Managing dust is an ever growing concern. Concrete sealers are the answer.

Mount Pleasant Industrial Floor removal and epoxy coatings

Industrial Epoxy
Floor Coatings

Once floor removal has completed, NST can prep and install industrial epoxy systems. Thin Mil, thick mil, quartz, flake, Novalac, Anti-Static, Any kind, any size epoxy application…we have the skill set to install your project on time and on budget.  Epoxy solutions, Urethane Cement or specialty resins for unique applications, NST has the experience and talent clients seek,

Mount Pleasant Industrial Polished Concrete

Polished Concrete & Decorative Finishes

One of the key goals of the Mount Pleasant industrial community is to manage clean facilities.  Clean facilities run better and are safer for employees. Dust is public enemy #1 when it comes to large open span areas. Managing dust is an ever growing concern. Polishing Concrete dustproofs, brightens and hardens commercial floors, making for a durable, easy to maintain wear surface.  Check out

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