NST Concrete Finishing System

NST Concrete Finishing is the solution to the ongoing quartet of enigmas; flatness, levelness, concrete moisture and alkalinity. NST addresses and achieves specified flatness and levelness tolerances most often delivering a result that exceeds the “generally” specified FF30/FL20 or similar. When FF/FL tolerances are not properly delivered, construction quality and cost are substantially compromised.  The integration of NST into the Healthcare and other Mission Critical construction markets is designed to resolve these issues once and for all.  NST Concrete Finishing is a system by which the concrete is finished in a manner which delivers a substrate that meets or exceeds the needs and requirements of both Division 3 and Division 9 harmoniously and completely.

The NST Concrete Finishing System is, as defined by the American Concrete Institute (ACI) in Standard 302.1, a two-course bonded monolithic topping slab. NST is placed over the host concrete substrate in as little as 14 days after time of concrete placement. NST is utilized when time, quality, cost, and placing the facility into service are of the utmost importance. Excessive moisture emissions and unlevel concrete are inherent, predictable challenges which frequently result in expensive, time consuming change orders at the worst possible time–the end of a project. The inclusion of New Slab Technology Concrete Finishing System eliminates any concern of these issues when implemented early in the construction process.

NST incorporates similar materials found on every commercial construction project; 100-percent solids epoxy and cement.  What makes NST different? Aside from specially-formulated materials from the difference is the time and method of application and the ability to address the slab in its entirety. The system is designed to be installed in as little as 14 days after concrete placement.

What drives the need for this New Slab Technology Concrete Finishing System anyway?

  • BIM – this practice works best in predictable environments
  • LEED – our products can contribute to LEED points
  • IAQ – completing this process early and preventing unforeseen and evasive construction practices inside the enclosed building at a later date even after patients are in place
  • IPD – working together with the project team, the cost impact and overall project quality can be maximized for the benefit of all involved most of all for the Owner
  • Quality – best possible quality delivered using technology to improve current construction practice
  • Time – reduction in time of the overall construction schedule by increasing the efficiency of multiple trades resulting in earlier operation revenue to the Owner
  • Cost – when all of the above are properly managed cost will be driven down. This reduction will be displayed in decreased overall construction cost, however, not to be overlooked are the costs to the environment, human health and wellness and long term maintenance and lifecycle of the facility.

New Slab Technology Concrete Finishing was born of the need and desire to:

  • Compress the Construction Schedule
  • Improve Overall Project Quality
  • Reduce Construction Cost
  • Manage Risk
  • Meet Contractual Specifications and Requirements For All Trades
  • Start The Owner’s Asset Revenue Stream Sooner

NST also reduces the overall ownership life cycle cost by managing the inherent problems associated with conventional concrete finishing and how it affects the rest of the building system. All too often, renovations throughout a facility will call for new high-end finishes and super-flat substrates for MRI, CT, and other stationary and mobile machinery, including a growing number of robotic devices designed to administer healthcare services in next generation facilities.  When this occurs, moisture testing is always required and quite often self leveling underlayments are installed in localized areas to allow for proper tolerances to be achieved for machinery to operate properly. A facility with an NST substrate will not have these issues thus saving the owner countless dollars over the life of the facility.

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