Concrete Floor Cleaning & Refinishing

We are often asked by clients, “how do I clean my concrete floors?”.  It may sound like and easy question, but it’s not.  Concrete is a breathing porous material.  When introduced with contaminates, it will often “drink them in”. As concrete is a non-specific medium, there is no way to determine how porus it is and how much contamination it will hold.  The flooring industry has responded with professional concrete cleaning materials designed to allow these floors to have a new life.  Even floors which were routinely saturated with oil can be either cleaned or resurfaced successfully.

People often ask, “how can I get oil out of my concrete?”, and “How do I get my concrete clean?” When it comes to oil, there are several practices which are employed.  First, we try and see if it is on the surface and if if reacts to degreasers.  Using commercial auto scrubbers and chemicals we apply the concrete cleaning materials, scrub and remove the contaminated slurry.  If this is not sufficient. we can use special anti-microbial products.  These materials come packaged with millions of oil eating microbes.  There are two types, one for natural oils and one for animal fats.  Professionals will know which to use.  They are applied, covered with plastic sheets to maintain wetness and left for a day to eat their way past the oil.  They work very well on certain types of oil and will keep eating oil until the floor drys and the microbes die.  The end result can be breathtaking as what was once a dark and dingy floor can become almost white overnight due to these oil eating microbes.  There are times when there is just too much oil to be recovered.  In that case, NST utilizes specially designed and manufactured floor primers to lock down this oily mess.  Failure to utilize the correct primer will lead to floor covering bonding failures.  NST has the experience to get your floors back in shape.

Apart from oil, which is a leading problem with contaminated concrete, sometimes the floor is so contaminated that it requires a new surface.  You can count on NST Concrete Slab Solutions.  Between our experience and broad knowledge of concrete finishes, we can restore a contaminated area of your facility into clean, additional work space.  Be it a coating or a wear slurry such as Epoxy mortar or Urethane Cement, you can trust the experts at NST to provide the best in demo, prep, underlayment / overlayment installation and after care.

With millions and millions of feet of contaminated concrete under renovation and in need of resurfacing, NST Concrete Surface Solutions has made it a focus to provide engineered solutions to this ever growing concrete floor cleaning problem.

We specialize in the concrete cleaning of oils, fats, grease, fuel, body fluids and other organic compounds from concrete slabs enabling them to accept new floor coverings, coatings and even polishing. We provide proven, warranted systems using some of the worlds most innovative products.  When it comes to commercial concrete cleaning, you can count on NST.

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