Concrete Grinding and Coating Removal

Concrete Grinding, Coating and Glue Removal covers a wide range of flooring services.  NST CSS has the equipment and talent to quickly and efficiently get your floors back into shape.

We are often asked….. “How can I remove glue from concrete floors?” The answer is not as easy as it may appear.  There are times when hand scrapers are the best tool, sometimes a diamond floor grinder is sufficient, but where thick glue and aggressive removal is required, NST has you covered.  They have at their disposal, a myriad of tools designed to remove glue. mastic and thin set from concrete floors. These tools include the use of concrete scrapers, shavers, scarifiers, milling machines and cutting equipment.  “Full Service” is not just a goal, it is a way of doing business professionally.

NST is your one stop shop for all of your Concrete Grinding and Coating removal needs.  Be it epoxy, floor markings, safety lines or glue which once held carpet, tile or hardwoods in place, you can count on NST Concrete Surface Solutions. 

“Glue” is an ever present concern.  Glue comes in many formats.  When tile is removed, thin set mortar beneath acted as its “glue”.  Once these tiles are removed, the floor can be seen covered in this concrete like material.  Attempts to remove thin set with air chisels almost always leads to damage, which leads to repairs, higher cost and lowered expectations.  Thin Set needs to be ground off with specialty floor grinders.  It is a slower process than most traditional glue removal projects, but leaves the floor ready for its floor finish or new covering.

Mastic and other flexible glues are also best removed by grinding concrete with carbide scrapers or similar tooling.  Depending on the glue, sometimes broadcasting sand or flour onto the floor will allow the glue to come off faster.  Pros know all the tricks of the trade. Hard or brittle yellow or cream colored glue is easier to remove than flexible black mastic, flexible yellow or green glues.  We are also asked, “How much does it cost to remove glue from concrete floors”?  The answer comes down to time and materials.  If the glue is thin and easy to remove, the task is quicker and at lower cost.  If the glue is thicker or if it is concrete-like. the time to remove is longer and the cost reflects such.  Every glue removal project is priced based on complexity, size and removal difficulty.

Where glues are thick, NST Concrete Surface Solutions will utilize a riding floor scraper to remove the bulk of the glue and then follow this process with diamond grind to gather and remove any residuals.

We have seen low end floor finishes where the installer placed coatings over floors where glue was not totally removed.  In these instances, within a short period, coatings popped off of the areas where glue was remaining.  One of the leading issues of floor failures has to do with improper prep and contaminated floors.  Go with a pro and avoid regret!

Once coatings and mastics are removed, NST has additional options for replacing and re-establishing safety zones, floor markings and for dustproofing floors. If time is an issue, NST can bring in rapid setting materials such as polyaspartics or even instant curing UV resins.

Grinding equipment incorporates a variety of scrapers and diamond tooling operating in a rotational axis against the floor. These grinders are either attached to HEPA vacuums to capture all of the silica dust created during the grinding process or they are run wet which will keep dust from forming.

NST, when grinding concrete wet, has incorporated use of the Slurry Monster system for safe disposal of any toxic waste concrete slurry. This mix of concrete dust and slurry are treated for safe PH, containment and disposal. NST is a leader in the use of this technology.

NST Concrete Surface Solutions is capable of removing almost any existing concrete coating or glue with specialized grinding, milling, scarifying and cutting equipment.

Contact us for the removal of these surface coatings.  We can even take down high spots in concrete slabs due to renovations, alterations, poor workmanship, etc.

Contact us for more information…we’re here to help!

Concrete Grinding and Coating Removal

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