Concrete Sealing and Dustproofing

Concrete Sealing and Dustproofing

A goal of industrial management is to maintain clean facilities.  Clean facilities run better and are safer for employees. Dust is public enemy #1 when it comes to large open span areas. Concrete sealing and dustproofing is an ever growing concern.

The open slab, if not properly sealed will constantly micro abraid, (Dust).  In large span facilities such as warehouses and distribution centers, dust can get quite significant.  Although many facilities use auto scrubbers to pick up dust and keep their floors clean, dust will continue to reappear until it is properly addressed.

In the case of warehouses, logistics facilities, distribution centers, etc, dust can be easily mitigated with internal concrete sealers.  The industry identifies these as “densifiers”. These are concrete sealers which soak into the slab and leave no film upon the surface. These internal concrete sealers are considered “reactive”. Once they are applied to the substrate, they react within the slab itself, forming new minerals within the concrete slab. By doing so, dusting ends.  A typical integral sealer would be a densifier such as Ashford Formula.  Hundreds of millions of feet have been sealed with this product, all over the world.  One of the interesting attributes is that the treated floor will gain a sheen as it is used over time.

Concrete sealers will all achieve a level of dustproofing.  Topical sealers fully encapsulate a floor. These surface sealers have a lifespan and will eventually require recoating over time.  Topical concrete sealers are generally used for two reasons.  First, they can create an opaque surface which can be pigmented and compliment the facility decoratively.  Secondly, topical concrete sealers can be much more resistant to chemical exposure.  For example, in a factory, the main floors may be sealed with integral sealers while the fork lift charging areas are coated with an epoxy resistant to sulfuric acid fumes.  There is a wide range of concrete floor sealers.   NST has the experience and knowledge to help those with the best direction for your facility.  Clients trust NST for their concrete sealing needs.

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