Concrete Surface Prep (CSP)

NST Concrete Surface Solutions provides concrete surface profiling, CSP and concrete surface preparation per required manufacturer specifications.

People ask, “What is CSP or What is Concrete Surface Prep?”  In short, it is a universally understood measure of how rough a surface needs to be for a subsequent flooring material to bond properly.  Each floor material manufacturer specifies the proper CSP for their products.  This is where most installers fail.  Professionals follow the manufacturer requirements and can do so as they have access and are skilled in the use of tools designed to meet these criteria.

Depending upon the material specified, each manufacturer provides detailed installation criteria which must be followed.  Failure to provide the proper concrete surface profile ahead of installation, is an invitation to failure.

Some materials such as thin mil epoxies only require a CSP (Concrete Surface Profile) of 3, which can be achieved through diamond grinding.  In cases where the profile required is greater, NST uses Shot blasters to achieve the proper profile. Shot blasters operate by throwing steel shot at the floor at a high velocity.  The shot then “chips” the concrete and the machine separates the debris from the steel shot which is then recycled.  The speed of the shot blaster combined with the size of the steel shot will generate the correct resulting concrete surface profile for the project.  It takes skill and experience to properly manage this equipment.  This is where NST shines.

NST provides concrete surface prep for customers who need clean, profiled concrete prior to the application of new floor coatings such as waterproofing for parking deck systems, epoxy floor coatings, etc. Shotblasting is perfect for creating a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) that meets ICRI standards prior to these critical product applications. NST has a variety of equipment available for any size project. Contact us for quality, fast, cost competitive concrete preparation services.

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