Floor Leveling Underlayment

Level Floors? When floors are placed, one of the biggest misconceptions is that it will always be a flat surface. As a long standing contractor in the flooring industry, NST has found this to be a significant misconception. It has responded with a line of materials called Underlayments.

It matters not if the floor is a new construction or a reuse facility.  Level Floors may not, in fact, be flat.  What does this mean to those building the facility? Plenty, as floors which are not flat may need additional alterations to achieve a relative flatness.  Where does this make a difference?  Flooring coverings.  Tiles and Hardwoods, in particular need flat floors to bond onto.  The larger the tile, the flatter the underlying floor needs to be to assure a flat install.  Level Flooring is foundational.  Unless it is flat, the floor coverings acting as the wear surface will not be installed properly. This is where Underlayments are a problem solver.

There is an assortment of floor leveling materials available.  Some are designed as low cost filler where deep areas require leveling, some can be applied over tile and carpet, some can act as a wear surface.  Talk to your NST representative about the most economical manner to level your problem floors.

As you can see in the photos, most of these materials are what are called “self leveling”.  This means they are “soupy” when mixed and will flow across an area and level itself.  The installer controls the prepared surface and the flow of materials, the installer ensures low areas are flooded and high areas are not.  At the end of the installation, a professional team will have alleviated all of the low spots and prepared the floor for its new use.

NST has a long history of installing self-leveling underlayments and toppings. When substrates are in need of leveling, flattening or just smoothing of the surface a self-leveling underlayment may be the perfect solution. We install many brands and any size project. From 100 to 1MM square feet we have the people, equipment and experience to perform for you.

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