Demo, Flooring Removal, Glue Removal

Demo and flooring removal are the first steps in a successful flooring project. Once exposed, mastic and glue removal follows suit. Proper floor removal and surface prep is the foundation for a successful, replacement wear surface.  Sounds easy… However, it can eat up a lot of effort unless you have access to the right tools for the job.

NST has removed millions of sf of existing floor coverings.  Carpet, Tile, VCT and Hardwoods…….

Using the most effective and clean running equipment, NST can quickly and effectively get off the most stubborn coverings.

The photo is of a riding floor scraper.  This indoor, compact tool weighs almost as much as a Volkswagon, and places all of its weight on a pivoting scraper blade.  The machine is built to ride across a floor and scrape off anything in its way.

Once the bulk of the main floor coverings have been removed. the machine goes after the glue which held these materials down.  Some glues are so thick, as the machine rolls across the floor, the glue rolls up under the scraper blade and the resulting glue residue resembles freshly rolled cigars.  Sometimes the glue does not want to come off.  Professionals have all of the tricks up their sleeves to ensure, in the battle to clean your floor, the professional always wins!

Some glues are just not a good candidate for the floor scraper.  In this case, the professional bring more tools out of their quiver.  A planetary or rotary floor grinder with installed carbide scrapers and a bit of H2O will scrape the glue off without damaging the floor.

The same grinders are used when thin set is present.  Thin Set once dried, looks and acts like concrete.  It is very hard and difficult to remove.  Floor grinders with grinding tools are used to bring the floor back to its original condition.

So, whether it is a floor covering you wish to remove, the flexible glue beneath or thin set requiring floor grinding, NST has the people, equipment and skills to bring your flooring into compliance.

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