Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings

“Industrial Epoxy Floor Coatings” : a widely used, general term, comprising a wide spectrum of industrial floor coating options. Generally the term refers to Epoxy, Novalac Epoxy, Polyaspartic, Urethanes, MMA and Urethane Cement based flooring systems. Some may refer to this set of materials as “Resinous Coatings” as they are installed in liquid form.  They can be specified individually or as part of an identified system.  Within these categories are specialty blends which relate to time and cure flexibility.  Understanding installation challenges such as rapid curing, low temperatures or humidity variations is where a professional will adjust their techniques to install these materials flawlessly.

When it comes to epoxy floors, there is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding as to various systems and when they are to be specified. Which system to use and when they are most appropriate is where professional epoxy installers need to be brought in and consulted.

Epoxy floor finishes are not expensive, per se, but the wrong system will have you redoing your floors in the near future.  If it happens, the cost of removing an improperly specified finish can be much less than the overall cost of shutting down a company, while replacement work is conducted.

NST has installed millions of square feet of industrial epoxy systems throughout the United States.

Thin Mil systems – Primer, Epoxy, Urethane

Novalac systems – Resistant to Sulfuric Acid from Fork Lift Charging Stations

Anti-Static systems – Particularly in Data Centers and were Electronics are built.

Epoxy Quartz – Decorative, Colored Quartz and Epoxy Slurry for high strength and durability.

Epoxy Cove – Epoxy Quartz Cove base. Generally 4 or 6 inches high.  Forms a seamless transition to epoxy quartz flooring.

Epoxy Flake – Decorative floor covering, chemically resistant wear coat. Corporate colors.

Safety Marks and Lines – Generally quick setting Polyaspartic or new UV instant curing materials have been used for thousands of feet of safety lines.

Urethane Cement – The ultimate industrial floor resurfacer.  A concrete and urethane slurry into which quartz is broadcast for slip resistance and is top coated with a polyaspartic for chemical resistance.  Can be placed over damp floors to rectify.

At NST Concrete Surface Solutions we take pride in everything we do. We are very particular about our service, our quality and out product application and material selection. Epoxy coatings are great systems when the proper product, system and application are all designed to work in the space, situation, function it is intended for. We here at NST Concrete Surface Solutions will work with you to ensure that you select the right product for your particular application need.

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